Miramichi Area Retired Teachers

Winter is a season of wonderous natural beauty, but for some people it is a season which may be viewed as a tad bit too lengthy. Due to the restrictions, as a result of the ongoing pandemic and its necessary public health measures, most retirees and seniors currently find themselves in a world of fewer social interactions, with family and friends. Regular attendance of activities and outings have lapsed or have been postponed.

Partaking in enjoyable pastimes and staying socially connected, using social media platforms such as Facebook, FaceTime, Skype or Zoom or the ever-reliable telephone, to connect with friends and family. Catch up with others and share some laughter. Humour and laughter have been proven to maintain personal, overall health. Try a new jigsaw puzzle or enjoy a game of Sudoku, to keep your mind sharp and engaged. Rekindle a favourite hobby or begin a new one! If you enjoy being outdoors, walking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing are great physical activities to restore one’s mind, body and soul. These are but a few notions among countless others which may come to mind, for your consideration and enjoyment, during the next while. To keep your spirits up and to maintain both physical and psychological wellness, check out the provided resource links near the end of this article and discover new information and ideas to brighten your days and assist you with important decisions which arise in all of our lives, as retirees 

Bottom line: find pleasant thoughts in the appreciation of life’s simple pleasures. If you have important decisions to make, regarding life changes, keep yourself well informed, as you move along. This pandemic will end, and when life returns to some of normalcy, you’ll want to be ready to dive back into the swing of things. Stay sharp and don’t drop the ball, as it were! Sunny days and happy times will return to us all once more. 

MARTA’s Vice-President and Wellness Chair, Lois Gilliss, dedicated as ever to her roles, recently attended a NBSRT Wellness meeting, via Zoom. All branches, including MARTA, wish to keep their members informed and involved with meaningful activities. Among other ideas which may be forthcoming, why not check out the information easily available to you, by visiting NBSRT ( )? For other pertinent resources for seniors, the NB Department of Social Development (click here)