Miramichi Area Retired Teachers

Effective means of communication are essential to all established organizations

The Executive of MARTA is currently seeking a new Communications Team Chair and, hopefully, a Co-Chair. These roles are critical to coordinating with all of those members who kindly serve as team callers and / or email messengers to relay and convey both social event information and, occasionally, vital information of important announcements or event cancellations to  the general membership of MARTA, in a timely manner.

A personal call or message has huge impact

For complete details of the roles and responsibilities of Communications Chair you may…

If you believe you could offer your assistance to this crucial role, please contact MARTA President, Grant Hendry, asap, via email at:

The MARTA Branch cannot function viably without an effective Communications Team; hence, it is essential that a new Chair and Co-Chair be in place very soon. Please give this matter some serious consideration. Your service and skills are most certainly needed and would be appreciated greatly.