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Electronic Gold

Currency, cash and means of payment: If travelling in continental Europe to one or more members of the European Union (EU) countries, take a sum of Euros, but it need not be an exorbitant amount. Debit cards and major credit cards are accepted widely for transactions. One point of distinction: your debit card can only have a four-digit PIN in Europe!

No matter where you travel, be mindful of your surroundings at all times. Backpacks and items in accessible pockets are easy targets for sleuth skilled pick-pockets. It’s wise to wear a money belt, concealed beneath your clothing. There are numerous types available, so find one that suits you. Also, to prevent the clandestine electronic theft of your debit and credit cards, purchase and use a scan-proof card case. These are small, easy to conceal securely on your person, and cannot be infiltrated by nearby illegal scanners. (The anti-theft card case is actually a wise option to use on a regular basis in your home town or city, when you are out and about.)

Home is Never Far Away

Cell phone usage is another consideration. If you use your cell phone while travelling, in order to avoid exorbitant roaming fee charges, the most economical method is to purchase a SIM card for your phone to connect to the networks in the country or countries you are visiting. They are readily available.

Paradise Beckons

Finally, do not book a trip or leave home for any holiday without having purchased and placed into effect a quality trip cancellation insurance policy and extensive travel health insurance policy. No one can predict unforeseen circumstances that may arise necessitating the cancellation of a planned vacation or cut it short with a need to return home. Top-tier, reputable insurance policies allow for a complete or pro-rated refund, based on the portion of trip days unused, due to the need to return home unexpectedly.

All Bases Covered

Travel health insurance is essential as well, since one can succumb to illness or accident while on holiday. Medical and hospitalization costs can be prohibitively expensive if not covered by a premium insurance policy. This insurance and that of cancellation insurance are pivotal factors to the success of not only the enjoyment of your holiday and peace-of-mind, but also to the maintenance of your financial security. Shop very carefully, read the complete details of what is included in each type of policy before you finalize any purchases and be certain your insurance provider can answer all of your questions clearly.

Bucket-List Bonanza!

Now all you have left to do is decide what gear and apparel you are going to need and pack, grab your camera and make a trip- plan check list to keep you on task. So, whether you are planning to travel within the next number of months or you are aiming for the long shot of a post-pandemic era, begin your search quest with an ample time margin and don’t settle for less that you truly want. After all, life is too short to squander precious time and opportunities. Pleasant dreams of new horizons and safe travels. Bon voyage!