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Ain’t No Mountain High Enough….

A custom holiday, whereby a travel agent arranges some inclusive elements, plus individually tailored preferences into your package, is another great option. Here, for some people, the higher price point is accepted based on the rationale that the holiday being planned by you in conjunction with a travel agent will result in the unique end result and vacation experience you desire. One easy-to-relate example would be a carefully curated three-week, domestic rail trip in Canada, aboard the VIA Canadian, from Toronto to Jasper, Alberta, where you would disembark, take in the beautiful natural scenery of Jasper, enjoy whatever lodging preference you have reserved and spend a few days there; then, move on via prearranged travel coach to Lake Louise, where the natural beauty of the landscape would rival or surpass that of the Swiss Alps; also, be certain to take a tour of Banff National Park. Following this, return to Jasper to continue onward through the Rockies, but now aboard the Rocky Mountaineer train. Why? The Canadian travels around the clock, so passengers miss a portion of the spectacular beauty of the Rocky Mountains while they are sleeping, whereas the Rocky Mountaineer travels only during daylight hours, stopping in Kamloops for overnight lodging, then onward to Vancouver. There are plenty of options and beauty in that city to behold. Continue on to Victoria and conclude your trip enjoying the sights and people of Vancouver Island, before flying home. Are customized trips inexpensive? Quite the opposite; however, a tailored tour provides you with a top-tier experience, so its higher cost may be justified, especially if it is a priority destination on your bucket-list.

Gear to Go!

Luggage allowances and restrictions also factor in heavily, while preparing and packing for a vacation. Long gone are the days whereby airlines and railways allow a multitude of luggage bags for minimal cost. Smart travelers learn how to pare down their travel items, some to the point where they have perfected a method of using only carry-on baggage. It can be done. Consult with someone who has become really efficient at packing their luggage. This will result in minimal or no fees incurred, while not sacrificing versatility of items needed.

A Snug Stowaway

Another saliant point for consideration regarding carry-on luggage is to remember than many of the world’s major airlines are interconnected, thereby offering a multileg journey via multiple carriers with a one ticket. Airlines affiliated with such networks fall under one of three corporate groups: Star Alliance, Oneworld or Sky Team. To use an example to clarify why it is important to know the complete details of what is permitted for carry-on luggage dimensions and weight, if you board an Air Canada (member of Star Alliance) flight in Toronto with a final destination of Rome, via Frankfurt, your connecting flight to Rome most likely will be with the German carrier, Lufthansa (also a member of Star Alliance). However, the dimensions of carry-on luggage regulations for Air Canada are different than those of Lufthansa, so if is not identical to their smaller dimensions and weight rules, you will have to send it for the remainder of the trip via checked luggage and collect it in Rome. Perhaps this is a moot point to a segment of travelers, but to others who had hoped to avoid luggage collection carrousels at their final destination, it is an oversight they wish they had verified prior to their departure from home. Something else to add to your planning list.

Serenity Found

Once you arrive at your destination and have settled in you may have already prebooked excursions that you want to take, or you may want to price and shop for options once you are there. It depends on your flexibility and desire to find a better bargain. Just be mindful that if you wait until after your arrival to find options, it is going to take a portion of your vacation time. Your choices are open.

Living on the Edge! (Yes, this type of accomodation really exists, in Switzerland.)

Also, to be factored into the premise of your trip planning are: seat selection, be it train or plane. Are you travelling in first class, super economy or economy? What are you seeking for accommodations: high end or intermediate hotels? Small boutique hotels? Bed and breakfast establishments? Air B & B? There are a myriad of choices, based on your tastes and budget.

Timeless Traditional

Restaurant options are of a similar nature and spectrum, with many selection types available on a continuum of price-points.

Al Fresco is Always Better. Bon Appetit!

Now you have more details to consider and research, as you ponder potential vacation plans and destinations. Be certain to check the MARTA website for new announements, including the final segment, Part 3, of this article, which will be avaialble to you, at your convenience, on Sunday, April 10th.