Miramichi Area Retired Teachers

Members at NBSRT AGM May 14, 2024 – Photo- Courtesy of Dale MacRae

The 2024 NBSRT AGM was hosted by the Saint John Branch (NBSRTSJ) on May 13and 14, at the Delta Hotel. As usual, MARTA was well represented at this important, annual event, with President, Charlotte Casey, and Vice-President, Barb Hondas in attendance. In addition to keeping the best interests and concerns of the General Membership at the forefront, it is also important to note that numerous members of MARTA contribute to responsibilities at the provincial level. For example, Barb Hondas, in addition to serving as MARTA’s VP, also has taken on the duties of NBSRT Provincial Membership Secretary, which is a substantial commitment with significant responsibilities pertinent to all ten provincial branches. Dale MacRae serves as Provincial Online Media Chair; Rich Hayward serves as Chair of the Provincial Membership Committee; and numerous other MARTA members serve on other important committees, such as Pensions for example, with which MARTA Past- President, Grant Hendry, is involved.

MARTA VP – Barb Hondas and MARTA President – Charlotte Casey – at the NBSRT AGM May 14th – Photo – courtesy of Connie MacRae

In essence, all this to say that the General Membership of MARTA is served by members who selflessly volunteer their time, skills and commitment for the greater good of all. If you happen to be reading this article and are thinking about retirement, or if you have retired but are not yet a member of the MARTA Branch of NBSRT, please give it strong consideration.  New people with energy, ideas and insights to keep our organization running smoothly are always welcome and, most certainly always needed. After all, since its inception almost fifty years ago, it is members who have stepped into vital roles over the many decades and made MARTA the branch that it is today.

MARTA members at Prov AGM- Foreground – Rick and Kora Hayward – Background – Marjorie Sinclair – Photo – courtesy of Connie MacRae