Miramichi Area Retired Teachers

The following 2021 ASD-N graduates, from each of the school district’s five regional senior high schools, as pictured, have been awarded the annual MARTA Scholarship and Bursaries:

The 2021 MARTA $1000.00 Scholarship Recipient:

North & South Esk Regional High, Alyssa Harris

The 2021 MARTA Bursary Recipients, $300.00 each:

Blackville High School, Desmond Curtis

Bonar Law Memorial High School, Brandon Faubert

James M. Hill High School, Savannah Harris

Miramichi Valley High School, Jansen Blacquier

North & South Esk Regional High School, Jada Tozer

The Executive and General Membership of The Miramichi Area Retired Teachers Association (MARTA) send to each of you our very best wishes, as you embark into the next chapter of your lives. May your continued ambitions and diligence lead you to success and fulfillment of your studies, plans and dreams. Face challenges with determination and strive to achieve your goals. Remember, education is the key to a life of independence and options. Congratulations!