Miramichi Area Retired Teachers

Sailing the Ocean Blue

Teachers enrich the lives of many people during their professional careers, as well as contributing to numerous meaningful community initiatives and organizations. This often leaves little time for those who ponder new adventures, until after retirement when opportunities allow for new itineraries, often to far off destinations.

Vernon Goodfellow, a member of MARTA, did exactly that, when he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and throughout the Mediterranean Sea in 2011. It was a long-held goal of his (among countless other international travels) to seek the thrills of such an adventure, while equally enjoying the opportunity to face the unforeseen challenges posed and be able to problem solve quite literally “in the moment”. A man of great intelligence and many skills, he was never one to be satisfied with the mundane. Instead, he often preferred the new, untried, and cutting-edge scenarios. Certainly, this nautical experience would be in the top-tier of such examples, as are the other incredible personal anecodotes of his unique travel experiences in far away destinations. Stationary definitely is a word antithetical to Vernon’s great character. No gated resorts or placid moments on the beach for this man! On-the-move and showing those of us already retired or who may be considering it, what exactly life can hold for us in meaningful, new directions.

NBSRT has a brand new feature entitled Dream Catchers, featuring the complete interview with Vernon. For your enjoyment and ease of access to some of his incredible experiences you can find full details