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What is Minds in Motion®?
Minds in Motion® is a fun and engaging program that combines physical activity and mental stimulation in a social environment. The program is designed for people living with early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia. Friends, family members or care partners are welcome as participants and supporters.

Is Minds in Motion® for me?
Minds in Motion® is for people with early to mid-stage symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia, including memory loss, confusion, communication difficulties and changes in mood or behavior.

Minds in Motion® will help you:
• Stay physically active
• Meet and socialize online with others living with dementia
• Participate in brain health activities
• Learn about dementia programs and support

What can I expect?
Minds in Motion® takes place online using Zoom. We meet every Thursday from 11:00 am – 12:00pm. For the first part of each session, a certified instructor leads a low impact fitness class. Then, the Alzheimer Society of NB leads a social/brain activity.

Some people living with dementia participate in the program on their own, but Minds in Motion® may also be enjoyed with a friend, family member or care partner.

What do I need to participate?
• A device such as a laptop, iPad or tablet with a microphone and video camera.
• An Internet connection
• A safe, open space where you can move around a bit
• A stable chair, such as a kitchen chair
• You will receive exercise equipment from the Alzheimer’s Society after you register and you should have this within reach when you sign in for each session.

Please check with your health care provider to be sure it is safe for you to participate in a light exercise program.

How do I join this program?
Register by calling the Alzheimer Society of NB at 1-800-664-8411 or by email:

Register to join us online for this exciting program! Sessions take place Thursdays at 11:00am.