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The intent of this article is to provide a brief update on the Emergency Out-of-Province Travel Insurance coverage, under the NBTF Health Insurance Plan. There have been no significant changes since the March 16, 2020 communication that was published on the NBSRT website. For more details, please refer to that specific article.

First, we wish to reiterate that as of now, COVID-19 illnesses are not excluded as a covered condition under your travel insurance, if you contract the illness wile travelling outside of NB. A claim for COVID-19 will be treated the same way as any other unexpected illness you may experience while travelling. We do not have any expectations that this will change, but if it does in the future, we will communicate this immediately.

Now that the Atlantic Bubble has opened, questions have arisen regarding travel insurance coverage if any illness is experienced while travelling to another province. All four Atlantic provinces have reciprocal arrangements in place, so that if you become ill and require a visit to a doctor or hospital, you will not be required to pay any medical bills, nor will you have to contact Allianz to file a claim. The province you have traveled to will bill NB Medicare behind the scenes. This holds true for all Canadian provinces, with the exception of Quebec, where some services may not be covered by their provincial medicare system.

If travelling outside of Canada, you may wish to visit before booking travel. These are advisories, and please note that Manulife Financial has not excluded coverage to these locations.

Johnson Insurance sells an individual travel insurance called MEDOC, and this program has nothing to do with the NBTF Group Insurance Plan. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, the best course of action is to contact Johnson, in Fredericton, directly.

The Fredericton office is still closed due to the NBTF building being closed to the public. Please do not attempt to leave your health or dental claim with the NBTA Credit Union, as they will not accept them. We are unsure at this time when the building will re-open to the public. You can register at  to submit your claim on-line, you can email it to or fax it to (506) 458-1172. Please ensure you state your ID/ certificate number in all correspondence. To contact the claims department, dial 1-800-442-4428. For any administrative inquiries, dial 1-888-851-5500. For Home and Auto insurance questions, dial 1-888-737-1689.

Finally, stay tuned for some information coming this fall on a new way to submit your health and dental claims online, which will result in a faster reimbursement into your account. To prepare for this, please ensure you send us a void cheque for direct deposit of claim reimbursements into your bank account.

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