Miramichi Area Retired Teachers

Example Photo Coustesy of Restigoughe Branch

The NBSRT Online Media Committee is looking for a scenic photo that is representative of your branch, and the Online Media Committee is asking that each branch president publicize this request among members. Perhaps you know a member who is a great photographer – ask him/her for permission to use one of their outdoor landscape photos. We will acknowledge them in the photo.

Branches have public sections on for promoting local events and for members to keep up with NBSRT activities. Each of the sections has a banner. The image you contribute will be used for your branch’s banner. Keeping to a common theme, the Online Media Committee chose to use a photo of a landscape or outdoor scene.

We are asking each branch to submit an image, ideally taken by a member or member’s relative, who will consent to our use of it. It is important that the images are original to avoid copyright infringement issues. They should be a good quality jpg, png, pdf or raw in a landscape orientation. We have included an example photo from the Restigouche Branch.

Please send images by November 30, 2022 to Online Media Committee member Sandra Mitchell at

We look forward to receiving images from avid local photographers!