Miramichi Area Retired Teachers

Thanks to the MARTA Wellness Committee, an additional element of surprise of the morning at MARTA’s September 6th breakfast was an opportunity for members to voluntarily have their photo taken in group settings according to the number of years they have been retired, which ranged from very recent to quite some time ago. This made for a great display of photos demonstrating the collective wisdom of so many teachers from decades of impressive, professional commitment.

Please take a few moments to view each of the photos presented in this post. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you to all of those members who posed for these great shots, and thank you to all of the MARTA members who were able to attend the breakfast. It was a great way to begin a new year of events and optimism. More to follow during the months ahead!

Left to Right: Faye Brophy, Winnie Matchett and Marilyn Comeau
Front Row L to R: Frances Blakely, Shirley MacDiarmid, and Margaret Murphy. Back Row L to R: Manford Wasson, Laurie Baldwin, Villa Urquhart and Joan Jardine
Front Row L to R: Marj MacPhee, Marjorie Cassidy and Rossie Ross-Hayter. Centre Row L to R: Helen Jones, Cil Hickey and Anne Kelly.
Back Row: Esther Mahoney, Margie MacDonald, Tony Vandijk, Joy Jardine and Betty O’Shea
Front Centre: Maria Brown. Back Row L to R: Laurenna Black, Dianne Henderson, Carol Stymiest, John Bosma, Mary Alice Ahern and Maura Flynn
L to R: Merle Milson, Barb O’Reilly and Richard Walsh
Fron Row L to R: Charlotte Casey and Lois Gilliss. Back Row: Nancy Blackmore, Grant Hendry, Anne Gallant and Mary Tozer
L to R: Patsy Kingston and Elizabeth Price