Miramichi Area Retired Teachers

Important Info re: New Executive Position — Member-at-Large

Recommendation to amend the Constitution of the MARTA Branch of NBSRT —

The Executive recommend the following:
“That a position known as ‘Member at Large’ be created for the Executive Committee of the

It is becoming progressively difficult to get members to sit on our Executive Committee. When
asked, the response is that they are willing to help out, but they don’t yet feel confident taking
on a higher profile position of responsibility.
It is felt that being elected as “Member at Large”, members would have the opportunity to
assist in the operation of the MARTA and ‘learn the ropes’. This would lead to building
confidence and increasing comfort with the various roles of the Executive, such that they might
consider offering for increased profile positions in future years.

The Article in the constitution would read as follows:

i) Members may be elected to a position of ‘Member at Large’ of the MARTA.
ii) Members at Large will normally sit for a term of two (2) years from the time of
iii) Members at Large may re-offer for an additional term ( two additional years), but may
not sit for longer then 4 consecutive years as Members at Large. Members may re-offer
after sitting out for a one year period.
iv) Members at Large are considered Voting Members of the Executive.
v) There shall be no more than five (5) Members at Large.