About Us

Miramichi Area Retired Teachers’ Association (MARTA)

The Miramichi Area Retired Teachers’ Association (MARTA) serves those retired teachers who live throughout the picturesque Miramichi River Valley, from Upper Blackville to Tabusintac as well as in the Rexton area south of the Miramichi region. MARTA currently has in excess of 250 members, with a trend toward a general increase. Active members range in age from late fifties to mid-nineties, including not only those who live locally, but others who live elsewhere in Canada and as far away internationally as Oceania.

MARTA has been in existence since 1976. The key tenets and fundamental foundations of MARTA have long been established, thereby creating a tremendous legacy and an easy transition for subsequent evolution of the organization.

MARTA serves its members in a variety of capacities:

  • organization of relaxing and enjoyable social activities ,
  • crucial advocacy for the earned benefits and rights of retired teachers
  • as well as issues of paramount importance to all seniors deemed priorities by NBSRT and the Canadian Association of Retired Teachers.
  • annual spring AGM

From the camaraderie of monthly games afternoons to the informative fall and spring AGMs, MARTA strives to be a meaningful, productive, innovative, supportive and welcoming organization to its members. At MARTA, the doors are always open to anyone wishing to become a member, be one recently retired or out and about for a while.

MARTA also very much enjoys visits from fellow retirees of other provincial branches and the Executive of NBSRT. Check us out; you may not want to leave.