Miramichi Area Retired Teachers

The newly elected Executive Members of NBSRT, for the 2020 – 2022 term-of-office are as follows (Successful candidates are highlighted in blue):

President: Bob Fitzpatrick – 786 votes  (Wayne Spires – 94 votes)

1st Vice-President: Noreen Bonnell – 533 votes  (Barry Harbinson – 349 votes)

Recording Secretary: Linda Maxwell – 470 votes (Rona Howald – 405 votes)

2nd Vice-President: Jocelyne Schwenger (Acclaimed)

Membership Secretary: Colleen Forsythe (Acclaimed)

Treasurer: Paulette Moore (Acclaimed)

Past-President: June MacNairn

Successful candidates will assume their respective roles, once circumstances allow.

Note: 32% of the total provincial membership voted in this election.

On a local note, sincere congratulations are extended to Colleen Forsythe, from the the current Executive of MARTA  and our Branch Members! Colleen has been most generous in her acceptance of an invitation to allow her name to stand for the position of Provincial Membership Secretary. Your fellow members of MARTA are both very thankful and very proud that you will assume your duties in this crucial, provincial  role of NBSRT. We know you will be excellent in your new role. Our very best wishes to you, Colleen!



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