Check out some photos from the “Back-to-School Breakfast & Craft Display”.

A few pics from the “Mamma Mia” bus trip to Charlottetown.


President |Grant Hendry
Vice President |Lois Gilliss
Secretary |Mary Alice Ahern
Treasurer |Merle Milson
Past President |Andy Clark


Courtesy |Maria Brown
Membership |Wendy Matthews
Newsletter |Bill Rigley
Online Media |Andy Clark
Reflections |T B A
Social |Cil Hickey
Special Projects |Lenore Masterson
Telephone |Judy Fox-Roy
Wellness |Lois Gilliss

Calendar of events

You can view all of MARTA events in one place.  Send events for the calendar to the President using the Contact link on the main menu.  The event will appear on the calendar.

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